The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee Summary

James Freeman,Caitlin Freeman,Tara Duggan
- 2012
Coffee Brewing
Coffee Culture
Personal Narrative
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Key Takeaways

  1. Insights from a pioneer in the coffee industry.
  2. Guidance on everything from selecting beans to brewing exquisite coffee.
  3. Rich storytelling that captures the passion behind the brand.


Freeman shares his journey and passion for coffee, making this book as much a narrative about his personal experience as it is a guide to coffee. It covers detailed processes of coffee making, from selecting the right beans to various brewing methods like pour-over and espresso.

The book is filled with beautiful photographs and step-by-step guides that make it easy for readers to follow along and experiment with different techniques at home. It also includes some of Blue Bottle’s beloved recipes, adding a delicious practical element to the mix.

This book is a testament to Freeman's philosophy that every cup of coffee should be made with intention and care, making it a valuable addition for anyone interested in the finer aspects of their coffee ritual.

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