Wildcrafted Fermentation Summary

Pascal Baudar
- 2020
Sustainable Cooking
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Key Takeaways

  1. Discover how to ferment with wild and locally sourced ingredients.
  2. Learn unique methods and recipes that highlight local terroirs.
  3. Expand your culinary horizons with creative and sustainable fermentation practices.


Baudar encourages readers to engage with their local environment to source ingredients, promoting a deep connection with the land and sustainable culinary practices. The book provides practical advice on identifying and harvesting wild ingredients safely and ethically.

Each recipe is crafted to maximize the flavors and nutritional benefits of the ingredients used, supported by Baudar's extensive experience as a culinary alchemist and wild food researcher.

Beyond recipes, 'Wildcrafted Fermentation' is an invitation to experiment and innovate, encouraging readers to blend ancient techniques with modern culinary creativity. It's a comprehensive guide to crafting ferments that are not only flavorful but deeply rooted in the natural world.

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