Gardening Through the Year in Australia Summary

Ian Spence
- 2022
Seasonal Gardening
Plant Care
Gardening Guide
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Key Takeaways

  1. Comprehensive seasonal guidance specific to Australian conditions.
  2. Extensive plant directory with care instructions.


Spence offers in-depth advice on what to plant, prune, and harvest for each month of the year, addressing Australia's unique climatic variations. This ensures that gardeners can maximize the health and productivity of their gardens regardless of the season.

The book includes an impressive photographic appendix that not only aids in plant identification but also provides detailed care instructions for each species. This feature is particularly beneficial for ensuring the right care strategies are employed for optimal growth and bloom.

This guide stands out by providing clear, actionable steps that gardeners can follow through each season, making it a go-to resource for year-round gardening activities.

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