Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks Summary

Barry McDonagh
- 2015
This book is good to read when you feel anxious.

Key Takeaways

  1. Master the DARE technique—a bold approach to directly confront anxiety and diminish its power.
  2. Learn how to use the DARE method to turn anxiety from a terrifying adversary into a manageable challenge.
  3. Explore practical steps to stop panic attacks and reclaim control over your emotions.
  4. Understand the importance of facing fears to prevent the escalation of anxiety.
  5. Embrace a life free from the constraints of anxiety by actively applying the DARE method in everyday situations.


Barry McDonagh’s 'Dare' introduces a novel approach to anxiety management, challenging traditional avoidance tactics and promoting a confrontational strategy through the DARE method. The acronym DARE stands for Defuse, Allow, Run towards, and Engage—each representing a step in facing and overcoming anxiety.

The book begins by exploring the limitations of conventional anxiety treatments and proposes the DARE method as a more effective alternative. McDonagh shares personal experiences and anecdotes from others to illustrate the success of his techniques, making the narrative engaging and relatable.

Detailed chapters provide readers with specific instructions on implementing each step of the DARE method, supported by examples and practical tips. This guidance is designed to help readers transform their approach to anxiety, encouraging them to engage with their fears rather than fleeing from them.

In concluding, 'Dare' emphasizes the empowerment that comes from mastering one’s anxiety and offers motivation for continuous practice and improvement. McDonagh’s method not only seeks to reduce anxiety but also to foster a new sense of confidence and control among those afflicted by panic attacks and chronic worry.

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