10% Happier Summary

Dan Harris
- 2014
This book is good to read when you feel anxious, stressed.

Key Takeaways

  1. Discover the practical benefits of mindfulness and meditation for reducing stress.
  2. Learn about the pitfalls and common misconceptions of meditation through a skeptic’s eyes.
  3. Gain insights into how mindfulness can enhance focus, relationships, and overall happiness.
  4. Understand the challenges of adopting meditation into a busy lifestyle and how to overcome them.
  5. Embrace the concept of self-awareness and its role in personal and professional growth.


Dan Harris’s '10% Happier' chronicles the author's unexpected journey towards self-improvement after a nationally televised panic attack. The book opens with Harris’s candid recounting of his life as a high-strung news correspondent, which leads him to explore meditation despite his initial skepticism.

As Harris delves into the world of mindfulness, he introduces the readers to various meditation practices and teachers, sharing the lessons learned and mistakes made along the way. His narrative is filled with wit and self-deprecating humor, making the subject matter approachable and relatable.

Harris explores the scientific evidence supporting mindfulness and discusses its application in different aspects of life, including work efficiency and personal relationships. His journalistic background adds a layer of rigor to his claims, as he skeptically examines and then embraces meditation’s benefits.

The book concludes by summarizing how meditation made Harris happier by a modest but meaningful percentage and offers practical advice for incorporating mindfulness into daily life. It's an inspiring and pragmatic guide that speaks to those who are curious about meditation but unsure of its value.

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