The Complete Book of Jewelry Making Summary

Carles Codina
- 2001
Jewelry Making
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Key Takeaways

  1. Understand the fundamentals of metallurgy including alloying and smelting.
  2. Learn professional techniques for cutting, soldering, and finishing.
  3. Access a wealth of design ideas and inspirations for your own creations.


The book begins with the basics of working with metals, introducing tools and materials necessary for jewelry making. It progresses into more complex techniques such as forging and lost-wax casting, accompanied by step-by-step photos to enhance understanding.

Readers will appreciate the detailed chapters on decorative techniques like enameling and inlaying, which are illustrated with rich visuals that not only teach but also inspire creative ideas.

Finally, this guide addresses the finishing touches of jewelry making, offering tips on polishing and mounting gems, ensuring that readers can create pieces that are both beautiful and professionally crafted.

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