Thanks!: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier Summary

Robert A. Emmons
- 2007
This book is good to read when you feel grateful.

Key Takeaways

  1. Gratitude enhances emotional and physical well-being.
  2. Regularly expressing gratitude can strengthen social relationships and reduce stress.
  3. Practicing gratitude can lead to increased happiness and life satisfaction.
  4. Gratitude can help individuals cope with adversity and build resilience.
  5. Developing a habit of gratitude can transform one’s outlook on life and interactions with others.


Emmons uses scientific research to explore how gratitude affects our minds and bodies, providing practical tips for cultivating it in daily life.

The book discusses various gratitude exercises and their benefits, supported by anecdotes and case studies that illustrate their transformative power.

Emmons argues that gratitude is not just a reaction to happiness but a cause of it, encouraging readers to take active steps to increase their gratitude.

'Thanks!' not only presents the compelling science behind gratitude but also serves as a guide to implementing it more effectively in various aspects of life.

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