Eco-Dyed Art Journals: Using Nature's Imprints Summary

- 2019
Eco Printing
Art Journals
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Key Takeaways

  1. Techniques for transferring the pigments of plants onto paper.
  2. Guidance on creating visually appealing and personalized art journals.
  3. Ideas for combining text and imagery in eco-dyed pages.


The book starts with the basics of selecting suitable paper and materials for eco-dyeing, ensuring that readers understand the properties of different fibers and their reactions to natural dyes. It also covers the preparation of materials, including mordanting and choosing plants that yield the best colors.

Step-by-step projects guide readers through the process of arranging plants on paper, securing them, and the methods of steaming or pressing to transfer the colors effectively. These projects are designed to inspire creativity and offer plenty of room for experimentation.

Beyond the technical aspects, Susan encourages readers to personalize their journals, combining eco-printing with other artistic techniques such as drawing and writing. The result is a deeply personal art journal that not only records thoughts and experiences but also reflects the natural beauty of the environment.

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